Gnomon, Inc. was founded in 1994 to provide geographic information system, cartographic, and information system services for resource management.

Gnomon, Inc. has a multi-disciplinary staff of anthropologists, geographers, geographic information system specialists, graphic artists, natural resource specialists, and computer specialists. We combine data management and computing concepts, state-of-the-art mapping equipment, cutting-edge computer hardware and software, with a wide range and depth of experience. We have a commitment to excellence and strive to provide our clients with cost-effective and innovative service.

Gnomon, Inc. is an authorized reseller of selected Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) software. We are also an ESRI Business Partner.

Our Philosophy:
At Gnomon, Inc., we believe that information is an essential component to every effective decision. Our specialty is in devising ways to make information more available, so that our clients can make well-informed decisions. In land use, research, planning, or engineering, our goal is to provide people with the ability to visualize information.

Geographic information systems are a powerful tool for visualizing spatial information. These systems link together complicated tables of information and electronically displayed maps. We often think of GIS as the "one thousand watt light table" for examining and analyzing layers of maps. Much of our work involves these powerful software tools.

Nevertheless, our vision is not narrow. Electronic information systems are not always an effective way to organize and convey complicated data. Furthermore, not all information needs to be considered complex, or handled through electronic systems. Our approach to information management is to listen to your needs for information. Then, we examine how we might help you. We do not focus on a single product or single solution; rather, we take a creative approach to helping you. Whether your project is large, small, complicated, simple, in-place, or tentative, our interest is in assisting you, not in selling software, services, or pushing hardware. As information management professionals, the information that we convey must be straightforward and honest. Becoming part of your team is one of our strengths.

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