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Welcome to CRMTracker -- the cultural resource management tracking tool. CRMTracker is a joint project of Gnomon, Inc. (its developer), the Wyoming and Nevada State Historic Preservation Offices, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Department of Energy.

CRMTracker's overall design and function are described in several concept documents that you can find at You can also check the same web address for the status of the system. Scheduled outages and updates on any repairs are posted there.

You must have a valid username and security code to use the system. Please contact the CRMTracker team through the project manager,


- First, you must be a registered, authorized user to gain access to CRMTracker. Please contact the development team manager for further information about access.
- Second, when you log-in to CRMTracker, you will be asked to accept a security certificate from our site. You can do so safely. This certificate encrypts the information that travels back and forth, just like when you use a credit card over the internet.
- Third, you do have to enable limited support of cookies, and you must allow JavaScript (or scripts in general ) to execute.
- Fourth, you must enter valid email addresses when using the application.

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System Status: Operational. Last code update 1/17/2007. Click here for a list of changes.